Walking the Water with Sharon Day

Sharon Day water walking

“…it’s only through a reconnection to the land and the water that we’re going to right this course…”

In this episode we met up with Sharon Day, who spoke those wise words, at her Indigenous Peoples Task Force headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Missouri River Water Walk, where Chas & Melissa met this past August, was Sharon’s 14th nibi walk (nibi is the Ojibway word for water) since she began in 2011.

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Here is a link to the radio documentary that Sharon mentioned —We Do It For The Water–and also for more information on what a Tribal Historic Preservation Officer is check out that link.

This short video gives you a small sample of some of the sights and sounds in walking the water…

We started out at the headwaters of the Missouri River, the longest river in North America, at Three Forks, Montana. As mentioned in the podcast, it was a beautiful morning with two otters who popped their heads out of the water to wish us well as we began our nearly-2,000 mile journey through forest fires, rain, hail, windfarms, the Bakken oil fields, and hundreds of miles of land tilled for commercial agriculture. At the end of the day we returned to the headwaters before heading on down the road, or river rather, and took these images:

end of Day 1 (of 54) photo of the water walkers
First day’s water-walking crew–Back row L to R is Sara, Steve, Peg, Melissa, Roxanne, & Lori. Front row is Sharon with our 3 Ojibway youth.
a water walker offering tobacco prayers to the river
Roxanne Ornelas offering tobacco prayers to the headwaters of the Missouri on Day 1 of 54.

















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